Fusion Antibodies plc

Fusion Antibodies is a high quality European CRO that offers a range of fee-for-service, royalty free services covering all stages of preclinical therapeutic and diagnostic antibody development.We want to use our next generation CDRx Antibody Humanization Platform to partner with companies interested in developing high quality antibody leads.

We also offer a range of cell line development services and have the associated expertise and partners to deliver a high quality CHO cell line expression for your protein of interest from proof-of-concept to cGMP. Fusion Antibodies also specialize in high quality monoclonal antibodies (particularly those which are difficult to produce), Antibody Sequencing and other Antibody engineering project (scFv, F(ab), chimerics etc). We have the capacity to act as a 1-stop shop, guiding your project from discovery to validation to the clinic.

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Dr Julie Gormley
Director of Business Development 
Dr Paul Kerr